EV charging cable and Type 2 Plug holder

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Within the package, you will find a protective electric vehicle charging cable and a Type 2 connector (vehicle side)  holder. This holder allows you to hang up the charging cable next to the charging station when it’s not in use, maintaining an organized arrangement. As the charging cable is the power source for the electric vehicle, it is important to keep it safe. Store it in a dry location. Due to potential moisture affecting the contacts, the cable’s functionality could be disrupted. If such a situation arises, it is recommended to leave the cable in a warm and dry place for 24 hours. Avoid leaving the cable outside, as it could be exposed to direct sunlight, wind, dust, or rain. Dust and dirt can interfere with the cable’s operation. To ensure its longevity, confirm that the charging cable isn’t twisted or excessively bent when not in use. This holder is an excellent accessory for protecting your cable.

About EV charging cable and Type 2 Plug holder:

  • Suitable for Type 2 charging cables
  • The holder is ideal for use next to your charging station
  • Protective accessory for your charging cable, helping to prevent rainwater or dust
  • The package includes four screws, six centimeters each, for wall attachment
  • Holder dimensions: 220 grams, length 12 cm x width 8 cm x height 15 cm
  • Excellent quality. The holder is durable and long-lasting.