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Carlo Gavazzi EM340 MID energy meter analyzer with backlit LCD display with integrated touch keypad. Particularly indicated for active energy metering and for cost allocation in applications up to 65 A (direct connection), with dual tariff management availability. It can measure imported and exported energy or be programmed to consider only the imported one. Housing for DIN-rail mounting, with IP51 front degree protection. The meter is optionally provided with pulse output proportional to the active energy being measured, RS485 Modbus port or M-bus port.

Certified according to MID Directive, Annex “B” + Annex “D” or Annex “B” + Annex “F” for legal metrology relevant to active electrical energy meters. Can be used for fiscal (legal) metrology.

About Carlo Gavazzi EM340 MID energy meter analyzer:

  • Easy connection or wrong current direction detection
  • Carlo Gavazzi EM340 is certified according to MID Directive
  • 1 Pulse I/O – EM340DINAV23XO1PFB
  • M-Bus – EM340DINAV23XM1PFB
  • Modbus RTU – EM340DINAV23XS1PFB
  • DIN-Rail Mounted
  • Display: 3x8DGT
  • Current Input: 65A input
  • Input Type: 3 Phase AC or 2 Phase, 3 Wire AC
  • Output Digital Input DC output (Open Collector)
  • Self-powered
  • Parameters: kWh, kVArh, V, A, W, Wdmd, Wdmd max, VAr, PF, Hz
  • I/O: 1 Digital input, 1 Pulse output (As standard)
  • Communications: Modbus RS485 port (S1 Model) and M-Bus port (M1)
  • Current Type: 3 Phase load, direct connection
  • Current Range: 5 (65)A
  • imensions: 54mm x 90mm x 63mmD(WxHxD)
  • Housing: DIN-Rail (IP51)
  • Nominal Voltage: 208 to 400V LL AC
  • Energy Accuracy: Class 1

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General Warnings:

DANGER: Live parts. Heart attack, burns and other injuries. Disconnect the power supply and load before installing the analyzer. Protect terminals with covers. The energy analyzer should only be installed by qualified/authorized personnel.

Measurement faults

If the measured signal exceeds the admitted analyzer limits, a specific message appears:

  • EEE blinking: the measured value is out of limits
  • EEE on: the measurement depends on a value that is out of limits

 NOTE: active and reactive energy measurements are displayed but do not change